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Why you are here

Someone you love needs help. It may be a relative. It may be a friend. It may even be you. The truth is, eldercare affects millions of people every day. You've talked to your family, your friends, maybe even your healthcare providers, but nobody seems to have a solution that fits your specific needs.

What are we going to do
about Mom…
Grandpa wants to
stay at home, but we can't afford a live-in assistant…
We live so far away, how can we be more involved…I can't do this without some support…When can I find a moment to myself?

These questions may seem harsh but they are a simple fact of life, and you are not alone. We all want an answer to one universal problem: how can we look after those who are losing the ability to look after themselves, and how much will it impact our lives?

How we can help

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AttentiveCare is an Internet-based caregiver support system that enables family and friends to provide informal care for their loved ones from anywhere in the world. Whether the care receiver resides at home, in a retirement community or at an assisted living center, AttentiveCare can dramatically enhance quality of life for those with special needs. A wide variety of care recipients—elders, persons with dementia, and other individuals with disabilities—have benefited from the nurturing blend of technological innovation and alternative intervention that comprises the AttentiveCare system.

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