What AttentiveCare Can Do for You

AttentiveCare provides care networks with a cost-effective alternative to programs that rely on more conventional intervention. Family and friends who reside far from the care recipient can play a significant and meaningful caregiving role in their loved one's life.

That said, AttentiveCare is not simply a utility you can use to save money on your intervention strategy. From the very beginning, it was specifically designed to dramatically enhance the lives of its most imporant users: the care recipients. They are the focus of the AttentiveCare system as well as the beneficiaries of its most invaluable gifts—self-worth, independence, belonging, and more. AttentiveCare gives you the power to let those you love realize just how important they really are.

In addition, AttentiveCare spares caregivers some of the pressures that are inherent in care networks and distance care situations. Studies show the most common complaint among caregivers is that they have trouble finding time to manage their own lives. AttentiveCare makes busy schedules less cumbersome by providing instantaneous feedback about your loved one's condition; care receivers are always just a videoconference away, and the system tracks other important data regarding the care process. In other words, with AttentiveCare, you can provide care for your loved one anytime you want with the added comfort of knowing that the entire care network is better coordinated and better informed.

For care networks, AttentiveCare can help:

  • Keep everybody—caregivers and care receivers—more closely connected
  • Involve more people, whether they live down the block or on the other side of the world
  • Improve the network's effectiveness by consolidating and distributing information regarding the care process

For care receivers, AttentiveCare can help:

  • Provide them a sense of belonging, self-worth, and fulfillment
  • Keep them comfortable and independent in their own residences as long as possible
  • Include them in more activities with loved ones—for example, birthdays, holidays, or reunions—by establishing a real-time connection between any two locations
  • Generally improve quality of life

For caregivers, AttentiveCare can help:

  • Free their busy schedules
  • Reduce their stress levels
  • Provide respite for resident caregivers by involving more members of the care network
  • Diminish their travel time and costs by providing real-time interaction with care receivers without having to leave home
  • Boost their awareness of what other members of the care network are doing to provide for the care recipient
  • Develop a dynamic, robust, and effective intervention strategy that is far less expensive than conventional eldercare alternatives

Building an AttentiveCare Care Network

For custom turn-key solutions, the one-time customer cost is typically between $800-$1,000, which includes a complete care receiver system as well as any additional equipment that the primary caregiver may require. Not including broadband Internet service, there is a recurring monthly cost of approximately $60 for the primary caregiver. This covers subscription services for both users to receive care network account maintenance and value-added technical support.

Other caregivers, called secondary caregivers, may join the newly established AttentiveCare network for about $170 or less (assuming the new member has an existing PC and a broadband Internet connection). Secondary caregivers are responsible for a $20 service fee every month.

The table below outlines some of the more common costs involved in a custom AttentiveCare solution.

Cost estimates for AttentiveCare implementations
Item Care
Primary Caregiver Secondary Caregiver
Hardware $600-$800 $90 $90
Computer system $500-$800
Web camera $90 $90 $90
Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) $50
Software $198 $79
Total setup cost $800-$1,000 $90 $170
Monthly costs (recurring) $40 $100 $60
Service fee (includes technical support) $58 $19
Broadband internet connection $40 $40 $40
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