Kai's Testimonial

One of the most wonderful benefits of using AttentiveCare is that it enables us to share our lives with one another. I use the Slideshows feature to post photos of what I've been doing, and my father shows me his craftwork during our videoconferences. The comfort of seeing him in real time is priceless. No amount of third party information regarding his well-being can come close to looking into his eyes and seeing his movements. It doesn't matter how far apart we are; he sees me in my home and knows I am there for him. It helps him feel less isolated. That's one of the best attributes of AttentiveCare.

My father has had some strokes, so he has trouble with his speech. It made phone calls clumsy and frustrating for both of us. With AttentiveCare, I can see him and understand what he is trying to communicate because he can show me what he is talking about. Sometimes he doesn't remember people's names or their relationship to him. I can show him their photos, and the light comes back into his eyes when he remembers who they are. It's incredibly rewarding.

Before we learned about AttentiveCare, I was traveling between California and Arkansas every three weeks. Some of the reports I received concerning my father's condition were vague and inconclusive. Now that we use AttentiveCare to stay in touch, I can assess his condition myself anytime I want without leaving home—it frees up my schedule and relieves my anxiety.

AttentiveCare has just been a real blessing. Kai Rippy Habalow
Los Angeles, California

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