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Internet-based Alzheimer's Caregiver Support System

Study Participants Wanted

Caregivers of persons with Alzheimer diseases are needed to participate in a field test of a new Internet-based caregiving technology.


National Institute on Aging - National Institutes of Health

Principal Investigator:

Kenneth Nixon, President, Caregiver Technologies


Dr. Myron Weiner, UT Southwestern Medical Center; Dallas, TX
Dr. Elliott Ross, OU Health Science Center; OKC, OK

Participant Qualifications:

The patient must be diagnosed with early or moderate stage Alzheimer disease. The may live alone or with a resident caregiver in a private residence or an independent living center or they may reside in an assisted living center.

Study Objective:

The objective of the study is to evaluate the user of an Internet-based Caregiver Support System (ICSS) in providing informal care to individuals with Alzheimer disease.

Description of Field Test:

The field test will include installing a personal computer with a video camera in the home or living environment of the patient. Caregiver Technologies will provide all hardware and software for the patient and also cover their Internet connection cost. Caregiver Technologies will provide ICSS software and technical support services to assist with the installation and customization of the ICSS software on the caregiver(s) and patients systems and provide ongoing technical support services to keep the ICSS operational.

Duration of the study:

4 to 8 months.

ICSS Technology:

ICSS software will provide the capability for caregivers to:

  • Videoconference with the patient and with each other,
  • Set text reminders to keep the patient informed of relevant events and help the patient function more independently.
  • Easily download slideshows for display on the patient's system.

ICSS has many other innovative features specifically designed for caregivers of persons with Alzheimer disease. ICSS is designed so that the patient does not have to have any previous computer knowledge or skills to effectively use the system.

If you wish to explore participating in the study, please contact:
Kenneth Nixon at (405) 809-3573 or by e-mail at